Trigger alerts when your data attains critical values

Know when your equipment needs your attention using a choice of logical conditions

  • SMS Stay connected
  • Email
  • Webhook Trigger action on another server
  • Download your data as CSV or JSON

Timeseries data plotted straight from your IoT device in real time

Embed your dashboards for public or private viewing

Zero to dashboard in 4 lines of code!

#include <PubSubClient.h>
PubSubClient client(wifiClient);
client.setServer("", 8883);

You want examples?

Check it:

Easy pricing

Billed on a per-day basis, so you can add and delete devices as your needs change



  • 1 device (100Mb storage, 1Gb transfer).
  • 1 monitoring condition.
  • 10 email alerts, 2 SMS alerts included. Unlimited webhooks.

For tinkerers



  • 5 devices (Pooled 1Gb storage, 5Gb transfer).
  • 3 monitoring conditions per device.
  • 100 email alerts, 20 SMS alerts included. Unlimited webhooks.

For monitoring a single property, greenhouse, production line, etc

Small business


  • 10 devices (Pooled 10Gb storage, 10Gb transfer).
  • 5 monitoring conditions per device.
  • 500 email alerts, 100 SMS alerts included. Unlimited webhooks.

For business owners with several systems to monitor



  • 50 devices (Pooled 50Gb storage, 50Gb transfer).
  • 10 monitoring conditions per device.
  • 1000 email alerts, 200 SMS alerts included. Unlimited webhooks.

For enterprises who want to integrate condition monitoring into their standard operating processes

You can set up a billing limit to ensure your consumption doesn't exceed your budget. Additional services in excess of plan are billed per consumption:
  • Storage and transfer billed monthly at $1/Gb
  • SMS billed 10c/SMS
Contact us to set up a private instance if your needs exceed these plans. All prices are in US dollars.

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